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richard & isdorah omanya legacy #THATISBIG


During the time when we made a decision to restore and rebuild our childhood home. We the Omanya daughters found ourselves reopening painful wounds of our past and at the same time experiencing the joy of knowing what it meant to restore and reunite our family. There were times of frustration, impatience with each other and mixed emotions testing our faith to keep going. So one late night via WhatsApp chats we decided to change our attitudes and feelings about the process. Instead of focusing on things that appear negative in the process we started looking back at little accomplishments we all achieved independently and remotely while separated in such a short period of time during COVID-19 lock-down and curfews! For every achievement we pointed out, we ended each sentence with "thatisBIG! From that day, "thatisBIG became our official preferred harsh-tag and motto! We hope to encourage everyone in the family to keep this same positive spirit as we continue the upward task to restore and rebuild Richard & Isdorah Omanya Legacy!

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