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 Farmhouse Restoration

Richard & Isdorah Omanya Legacy

Our mission is to keep and honor our parents legacy. One we have decided to call, Richard & Isdorah Omanya Legacy. We hope to keep the legacy alive with the ideas and vision our parents had. To improve efficiency and operating capacity of RIO Legacy that we believed our parents envisioned many years ago! We were born and raised on Woodland Farm around cattle, farming, and small business ownership. We grew up watching our parents work hard juggle corporate jobs in banking and government, while still giving us a safe home. Our parents reached out to the community through opportunities they created here at RIO Legacy, in areas of faith, giving, employment, education, healthcare, farming, transportation, retail and preserving forestation while promoting reforestation where needed.  Above all, we saw an incredible example when our parent demonstrated Observing The Sabbath And Keeping It Holy. These are our missions. Somehow, even though life drifted us apart geographically, spiritually, we always knew this was our noble calling and responsibility. It was only a matter of time before we would accept and act on this honor. After we reclaimed our childhood home at Woodland, our first mission was to restore and rebuild it for generations to come!

a family team


Dorothy Omanya, Kenya 

Played a major role in court appearances, important family record keeping, and updating family on relevant legal estate matters. #thatisBIG


Sarah Omanya, South Africa

Played a major role in coordinating with squatters relatives and local law to legally execute evictions at the legacy farmhouse. #thatisBIG


Ruth Omanya,

United States

Organized all aspects of funding, planning, website design, legal, and negotiating renovation costs to restoring reclaimed childhood home.#thatisBIG


Janet Omanya,


Holding the forte at Omanya RIO Legacy estate. Overseeing farmhouse restoration while ensuring normalcy on-site. #thatisBIG 

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